When I think of my happiest, proudest and most satisfying moments, which values come to mind?

Achievement, Adventure, Community, Compassion, Cooperation, Decisiveness, Effectiveness, Freedom, Friendships, Growth, Helping other people, Honesty, Insight, Inspiration, Integrity, Meaningful work, Nature, Openness, Personal development, Physical challenge, Responsibility, Self-knowledge, Stability, Wisdom

Quite a list. Some are similar, some compliment each other, some are applicable in different ways, but I find each of these important.


When I choose only one value it is this one, because it is the foundation of all other values. To me self-knowledge has been the most significant drive in my life decisions. It has and continues to be my deepest commitment. I would go as far to say that this is the highest goal in my life and living a life neglecting it is a life without meaning. With lack of self-knowledge there can be no real relationship, no openness, no growth. Nothing can be offered to me which is of greater value than the knowing of who I am. This understanding of self is ever increasing, ever expanding and with it my life continues to be enriched in ways I couldn't have imagined.

Rating my Values

On a scale of 1 to 5, do I try to live up to these values?

  • Achievement - 3
  • Adventure - 4
  • Community - 3
  • Compassion - 2
  • Cooperation - 5
  • Decisiveness - 4
  • Effectiveness - 5
  • Freedom - 5
  • Friendships - 4
  • Growth - 5
  • Helping other people - 5
  • Honesty - 5
  • Insight - 5
  • Inspiration - 5
  • Integrity - 5
  • Meaningful work - 5
  • Nature - 5
  • Openness - 5
  • Personal development - 5
  • Physical challenge - 3
  • Responsibility - 4
  • Self-knowledge - 5
  • Stability - 3
  • Wisdom - 4


Honestly, I don't remember the specifics when someone asked me for advice. It's usually, if not always, based on decision making however. In this regard I believe the person asking for advice most of the time knows the answer, but has concerns regarding that decision. An outside perspective can help a person see a wider view. If I have this opportunity I would happily help. Although I do feel it is important to let people get to know and trust their own wisdom. This should be the basis of such exchanges.

When I think of my values I feel a strong resonance and an importance to uphold them. Some things I feel come easier than others. Trying to be compassionate can only breed insincerity, so I wouldn't 'try' at it. I do find compassion important, but I take it as it comes. Other things are more internal and are easier to uphold. To be honest, I rated these values without thinking about it much. This wasn't the result of an intellectual evaluation.

As to how to mediate stereotype threat, I don't much to add to what I wrote last week. This relates perfectly to self-knowledge. Being aware of what I sense or do and making the right choice in that moment. Looking at my list I see the following values apply here as well: Helping other people, insight, responsibility, truth, cooporation.

When I feel down I allow myself to feel down without indulging in it. I am fortunate to have a full support system which allows me to find wisdom in whatever it is I am feeling. Feeling 'down' is a part of me, an equal expression of who I am. This presents me the opportunity to get to know myself deeper, even in feeling down. Without making a big thing out of it, trying to get to the bottom of it or telling myself a story to diminish it, it resolves naturally. These things no longer affect my deeper sense of well being.

Because of the support I recieve I have seen many benefits in my experience already. As a result I have the confidence and assurance that I can handle whatever feelings may come up.